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Cabaret in a Caravan


The UK's first leading mobile music venue. Available for festivals, weddings, parties and so much more.


On Monday 23rd March 2020, Day one of Lockdown in the UK, When all the Theatres around the Country closed due to Covid - 19, Rebecca had an idea. If she couldn't perform in theatres across the UK, then she would make her own Stage and start performing from her beloved Vintage Caravan "Phyllis"  So Rebecca streamed live on both her Instagram and Facebook page,  Monday - Friday for the next 6 weeks. And so "Cabaret in a Caravan" was born. 

With a different theme every single day, and thousands of followers, She sang songs from 1930's to 2020, From Bond themes to Disney medley's, Musical Theatre classics to a week long dedication to Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. All live from Phyllis the Caravan. Rebecca even raised funds during a wonderful VE-Day Special on the 75th Anniversary to registered charity 'Saving Lives' based in Rebecca's hometown of Doncaster. You name it, Rebecca has done it. And she is still going strong performing each week in her 1965 Cheltenham Sable caravan 'Phyllis'.

You can follow and subscribe to watch her latest shows. Not only that, you can contact Rebecca direct to have "Cabaret in a Caravan" perform at Festivals, Weddings or any outdoor event. Fully equipped with PA system and lots of Yorkshire tea. 

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